Screw top pot


I wanted to attempt a carving project that has multiple interlocking pieces. I chose a screw thread as the method of interlocking, it requires the two parts to match perfectly and also requires symmetry so that the thread works on both sides.


I used Photinia for this project. Its an evergreen shrub grown ornamentally for its red foliage and summer flowers. I took some from a plant I was pruning, but didn’t realise that its compared to boxwood for its tight grain and ability to take details. Clearly I got very lucky with this project.


The screw thread works either side and brings the lid flush to the pot all the way round. I finished the outside of the pot with linseed oil, but I didn’t let any get near the threads as I thought it might make the mechanism slip.


I made this pot using hand chisels and to ensure it was close to circular I used the two pence piece as reference.




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