Homemade carving tool

I wanted to experiment with making blades, I haven’t got access to a forge so I have to keep my blades small enough that they can be hardened with a propane torch.




I made this blade from 0-1 carbon steel which should be quenched in oil after heating past the critical temperature of around 850°C. The steel can then be tempered between 150-400°C I choose 150°C for the hardest but most brittle blade.




The steel blank was still very hard in its annealed condition and took a lot of effort to work with hand tools. Most of the work was done with files, then finished with various grits of wet & dry paper




I made the handle from cherry and drilled out a slot for the tang. I then glued the blade into place with epoxy resin and finished the handle with Danish oil, buffed to a soft shine



I believe the hardening process has been a success, it now takes longer to grind material from the blade and I’m able to work wood with this blade for a long time before the edge dulls. I plan to apply this method in the future to make detail carving chisels.



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